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Before embarking on my photographic journeys around the world, I spent a number of years with tripod and camera, honing my vision and skills as a landscape photographer. I remember being told that it was important to avoid in my images any sign of the "hand of man" (other than an occasional person in deep background to show scale). Landscape photography was nature photography, intended to glorify the beauty and mystery of nature, unsullied by the presence or artifacts of humanity.

I found that definition of landscape photography to be limiting. Therefore, as I broadened the scope of my travels from North American national parks to countries around the globe, I also embarked on a project to expand the scope of my landscape work. Instead of avoiding the "hand of man", I actively sought opportunities to integrate into my nature images either persons or their artifacts (boats, bridges, buildings, etc.), ancient or modern, with the natural landscape. While we know too well the harmful and even destructive impact of man's activities on our planet, my goal is to illustrate how, at least in some instances, the presence of man or his works can augment and complement the beauty of our natural world.
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